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General questions

General questions about gameplay capturing and Windows desktop recording.

  • + What operating systems are supported?

    Mirillis Action! is available for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
  • + What is the format of recorded videos?

    Mirillis Action! can record Windows desktop, gameplay and all other videos in 2 formats:
    1) AVI 2.0 file format using proprietary Mirillis FICV video codec. This is highly optimized codec for games and desktop recordings.
    2) MP4 (AVC/H.264)

    Action! includes internal ultra responsive player optimized for video recordings playback. Your gameplay and screen recordings in AVI file format can be also played with almost all media players available on the market.

    Action! provides built-in export functionality which allows to quickly export your screen or gameplay recordings to popular devices, YouTube™ and Facebook.
  • + How can I playback recorded videos?

    Action! includes internal ultra responsive player optimized for video recordings playback. Select gameplay or other screen recording on the list and click play icon or use mouse double click on a thumbnail to start video recording playback.

    Raw Action! recordings in AVI format can be also played almost with all media players available on the market. If you experience any playback performance problems with 3rd party media players please use optimized Action! player.
  • + Can I record Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 desktop and Modern UI Style applications using Action!?

    Yes Mirillis Action! fully supports Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 recording, Windows 8 Modern UI recording and all Modern UI Style applications recording.

    All other Action! functions like gameplay recording, audio recording, video recording, capturing screenshots etc. are also available for Windows 8 /8.1.
  • + Does Action! allow to pause/resume video recording?

    Yes, starting from version 1.8.0 Mirillis Action! provides a function to pause and resume video recordings. To pause and resume video recording please use a hotkey
    (default hotkey: Shift+F9).

    Pause/resume video recording function can be used for all gameplay recordings, desktop recordings and desktop region recordings.
  • + Why is Action! recording my video into MP4 format even if it's set to AVI?

    LIVE Streaming and Video Recording share the same hotkey. If Action! LIVE Streaming feature is enabled Action! will automatically start your LIVE Streaming instead of recording. To fix this simply disable LIVE feature. Otherwise it will overwrite your current video settings from Video Recording tab.
  • + Why is my webcam not displayed in the video recorded with Action?

    Webcam may not be working in two cases:
    - Check if you have Perfect Video Match mode enabled. If yes, please disable it.
    - Check if you have selected Record Mouse Cursor, it's required to show the webcam properly.
  • + Why I can't hear my microphone in Action! videos?

    Please check if your microphone is properly connected to your computer and can be displayed in Action! recording devices list. Then please check if "Record microphone into separated audio track" feature is enabled. If yes, please be aware that this feature creates an additional audio track in your video file. It does not create any additional file.

    While you are playing back your video file you will hear only one audio path at time. To switch between active audio track please press "A"