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Download - Free Game Recorder and Remote PC Access Apps

Action! - Game Recorder Download

Free download of 30-day game recorder trial. Enjoy the best fully functional PC game recording and live streaming software! Please note that purchase is required to create game capturing without trial version watermark.

Action! RCU - Control Game Recorder with Android

RCU app that allows to control game recorder on your PC with Android devices. With RCU you can control basic game recording functions of Action!, you can start, stop, pause video recordings and display recorded webcams preview, framerate statistics and video recording time.

Monflo - Remotely Playing PC Games

PC Gaming App for Android or PC. Try the fastest and the best quality software to play your PC games on Android devices or another computer! Experience the unbeatable performance, the smoothest HD quality and fully customizable game controls.

Access your pc remotely. Start now with free plan

    Install on your PC

    Available for

    Windows vista, 7,8,8.1,10

  • Mobile Client
    Install on the Mobile you want to
    Remote to

    Available for

    Android 4 or Newer

READ more about monflo and subscriptions plan at

  • System requirements


    Low resolution Video Game Recording.

    Operating system

    Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
    (with Windows Aero enabled for desktop recording)

    DirectX® and latest graphics card drivers

    Running Action! requires administrator rights

    Ram memory

    512 MB

    Graphics card

    Direct3D 9.0 compatible with Pixel Shader 2.0 support

    Sound card

    DirectX® compatible


    Intel® Celeron® 1.4GHz or equivalent processor (SSE2 required)


    HD Video Game Recording

    Operating system

    Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
    (with Windows Aero enabled for desktop recording)

    DirectX® and latest graphics card drivers

    Running Action! requires administrator rights

    Ram memory

    1024 MB (1 GB)

    Graphics card

    Full Direct3D 10.0 compatible with Pixel Shader 4.0 support

    Sound card

    DirectX® compatible


    Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 2.0GHz or equivalent procesor

    Hardware acceleration

    Hardware accelerated video recording directly to MP4 file format Intel® processor with Intel® Quick Sync Video support. AMD Radeon™ with AMD APP support. The latest graphics drivers.

    Hardware accelerated video encoding (export) Intel® processor with Intel® Quick Sync Video support. AMD Radeon™ with AMD APP support. NVIDIA® graphics card with NVIDIA® CUDA™.

  • Version History

    2017/06/24 Action! 2.5.4

    • Application stability fixed when running Action! in offline mode

    2017/06/23 Action! 2.5.3

    • 4K live streaming - added possibility to live stream videos up to 4K resolution using Original video size option
    • Stability improvements

    2017/05/31 Action! 2.5.2

    • Added RTP/UDP/IGMP streaming (via custom URL address)
    • Fixed custom RTMP streaming
    • Fixed streaming to restream.io
    • Fixed cancelling of Time-Shift recordings
    • Installer improvements
    • GUI improvements

    2017/05/18 Action! 2.5.1

    • Added support for Smashcast LIVE Streaming service
    • Important improvements for video recording with AMD APP acceleration
    • GUI improvements
    • Stability improvements

    2017/05/16 Action! 2.5.0

    • Added 150% GUI size for displays larger than 2560x1440
    • Added 150% HUD size for displays larger than 2560x1440
    • Added information about GPU used for active screen/application rendering
    • Added 4K/UHD MP4 recording on AMD GPUs
    • Added 4K/UHD hardware accelerated video exporting on AMD GPUs
    • Added ability to set title of YouTube/Facebook/Twitch live streams
    • Fixed 8K x 8K virtual screens screenshots
    • Fixed recording of windowed games/applications (multiple application switching)
    • Fixed HUD rendering when more then 1 GPU outputs video
    • Addded Start/stop LIVE streaming button for region mode
    • GUI improvements
    • Stability improvements

    2017/04/21 Action! 2.4.1

    • Improvements for Windows 10 Creators Update running on systems with Nvidia GPU
    • Fixed Action! stability in device recording mode when device is disconnected

    2017/04/20 Action! 2.4.0

    • Added support for Elgato capturing devices
    • Fixed multiple window recording/switching
    • Added possibility to start recording in game mode using both hotkey or start button
    • Windows 10 Creators Update fixes (multiple display support, text rendering)
    • GUI fixes

    2017/03/14 Action! 2.3.0

    • NEW FEATURE: Webcam/HDMI capture device recording mode (allows recording of game consoles with HDMI capture device connected)
    • Fixed webcam recording in AVI without mouse cursor recording turned on
    • HUD displays actual framerate during recording (current vsync per second, average fps shows recording framerate)
    • Improved webcam recording with alpha channel (Intel RealSense and chroma key)
    • Action! restart is no longer needed to switch webcam capturing resolution
    • Selected application (private recording) mode has been moved to Active Screen recording mode as an option
    • New improved Action! Player

    2017/02/15 Action! 2.2.1

    • Fixed Action! startup without any audio input devices present
    • Fixed AVI recording on systems with 16+ core processors
    • Important change: video recordings are not stopped when using Alt-Tab in Games and applications recording mode
    • New: Added tutorials showing basic Action! features
    • Minor GUI changes: changed hardware acceleration selection for recording/streaming

    2017/02/10 Action! 2.2.0

    • Fixed livestreaming disconnection when broadcasting on systems with AMD GPU
    • Improved livestreaming constant bitrate output
    • Added 2 input devices recording (ex. 2 microphones at the same time)
    • Added mono system sound recording
    • Fixed Action! startup when livestreaming login credentials have expired
    • New engine for selected window recording (private window recording - not showing other windows to viewers)
    • New method of showing information about updates
    • Stability fixes

    2017/01/17 Action! 2.1.0

    • NEW FEATURE: Full live streaming/login API integration with Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and Hitbox
    • NEW FEATURE: Real-time live streaming viewers counter statistics displayed on HUD
    • Live streaming start button added
    • Live streaming privacy selection for Facebook and YouTube
    • Recording performance fixed on specific Win10 systems
    • Fixed Facebook video uploading
    • Fixed Action! startup with Elgato device installed
    • Fixed Action! AVI recording when very large cursors are visible (ex. Photoshop)
    • Fixed OpenGL recording (Intel GPU ex. Minecraft)
    • Fixed OpenGL recording (Exanima game)
    • Stability fixes
    • GUI improvements

    2016/12/02 Action! 2.0.7

    • Reverted possibility to assign CTRL for Start/Stop video recording
    • Fixed Live Streaming Auto-reconnect function
    • Added option to assign custom hotkey to Start/Stop Live Streaming

    2016/12/01 Action! 2.0.6

    • Application stability improvements
    • Application installer improvements

    2016/11/23 Action! 2.0.5

    • Important: DirectX 12 games recording performance improved
    • Ultra video quality preset added (Video settings) for ultra quality, hight bitrate MP4 video recordings
    • Stability improvements (memory leaks fixed)

    2016/11/18 Action! 2.0.4

    What's new in Action! 2.0.4?
    • Fixed Battlefield 1 DirectX 12 gameplay recording
    • Updated Twitch servers list
    • Application stability improvements
    • Application installer improvements

    2016/11/10 Action! 2.0.1

    What's new in Action! 2.0.1?
    • Fixed Battlefield 1 DirectX 12 gameplay recording
    • Fixed DirectX 11/12 games and applications recording in windowed mode
    • Fixed Action! startup problem with Avermedia capture hardware/software installed
    • Improved graphics overlay alpha blending quality

    2016/11/04 Action! 2.0

    What's new in Action! 2.0?
    • NEW FEATURE: Chroma Key option added for webcams recording and LIVE streaming
    • NEW FEATURE: LIVE Streaming to Facebook
    • NEW FEATURE: Selected application recording mode added to record video from selected application only
    • NEW FEATURE: Option to show free disk space on Action! HUD
    • NEW FEATURE: "Do not record HUD during desktop recording" option added
    • NEW FEATURE: Microphone off delay added for microphone recording on button down
    • New, modern user interface with redesigned settings categories
    • Improved webcam preview
    • Refreshed Export window with new, redesigned output profiles
    • Fixed video uploading to Facebook
    • Assigned a separate hotkey for Live streaming
    • Fixed mouse problem experienced during RUST game recording
    • Windows Logon screen and UAC screens recording performance improvements for Windows 8.1 or newer on Admin user
    • Fixed fullscreen and region Windows desktop recording with upscalling (on Windows 7 without Aero and on 8.1/10 on onon-admin user)
    • Fixed YouTube fullscreen video recording on Windows 10 with AMD graphics cards
    • Webcam recording stability improvements
    • Stability improvements
    • User interface improvements
    • Action! installer improvements

    2016/08/19 Action! 1.31.5

    • 4k Windows desktop video recording stability improvements (for recording 4k Windows Logon screen, 4k Windows screen without Windows Aero, 4k Windows screen on normal (non-admin) Windows user)
    • User interface improvements

    2016/08/04 Action! 1.31.4

    • Important fix for Windows 10 desktop recording with the latest Windows 10 Anniversary Update installed.
    • Important fix for exporting/uploading to YouTube (Fixed problem with message reporting old/unsupported browser)

    2016/05/16 Action! 1.31.3

    Fixed Action! HUD visibility for DOOM game

    2016/05/10 Action! 1.31.1

    • Fixed application start on computers with NVIDIA graphics cards.

    2016/05/09 Action! 1.31.0

    • NEW FEATURE: Hardware accelerated HEVC/H.265 video recording support added for NVIDIA graphics cards (minimum GTX 900 series and driver R358 or above are required)
    • NEW FEATURE: AVI recordings hardware accelerated export to MP4 (HEVC/H.265) added for NVIDIA graphics cards (minimum GTX 900 series and driver R358 or above are required)
    • 4k AVI recordings export improvements
    • Fixed problem with Intel Quick Sync Video accelerated export stucking at 0%
    • User interface improvements
    • Stability improvements

    2016/04/03 Action! 1.30.3

    Fixed video recording start problem with Time-shift option enabled

    2016/04/02 Action! 1.30.2

    LIVE Streaming improvements and stability fixes

    2016/03/30 Action! 1.30.1

    • IMPORTANT: Recording stability fix for Intel Quick Sync accelerated video recordings
    • IMPORTANT: Audio - video synchronization improvements
    • LIVE Streaming stability fixes
    • Fixed webcam recording for LIVE Streaming with "Record streamed video to disk" option disabled

    2016/01/27 Action! 1.30.0

    • Remote Action! improvements
    • Fixed exporting to YouTube using normal (non-admin) Windows user account
    • Stability improvements

    2015/10/22 Action! 1.29.0

    • IMPORTANT: Remote Action! service is now free for all Action! users
    • Fixed video recording on Normal (non-Admin) user account
    • Stability improvements

    2015/10/17 Action! 1.28.0

    • IMPORTANT fix for systems with NVIDIA Optimus technology on Windows 8.1/10 (with global setting preferred graphics processor set to high performance NVIDIA processor)
    • Improved support for Intel Quick Sync Video technology (requirement to connect or create a display for Intel graphics card is now obsolete for Windows 8/8.1 or higher)
    • Fixed OpenGL applications recording on systems with NVIDIA Optimus and Windows 10
    • Fixed Windows Logon screen recording for setups with hight DPI Windows settings (125% DPI or higher)
    • Improved quality of software recording in MP4 format
    • Stability improvements

    2015/10/09 Action! 1.27.2

    • Fixed problem with Action! startup on systems with NVIDIA Optimus Technology on Windows 8/8.1/10 (with Action! forced to run on NVIDIA gpu in NVIDIA control panel)

    2015/10/05 Action! 1.27.1

    • Webcam Capture resolution option added
    • Added options to set horizontal and vertical webcam position
    • Stability improvements

    2015/09/28 Action! 1.27.0

    • NEW FEATURE: DirectX 12 games and applications recording support added
    • IMPORTANT LIVE Streaming improvements
    • Windows 10 improvements
    • Fixed screenshot capture for 10bit games and applications
    • Stability improvements

    2015/08/24 Action! 1.26.1

    • Fixed LIVE Streaming with NVIDIA NVENC acceleration on Windows 10
    • Fixed NVENC support detection for Maxwell architecture

    2015/08/19 Action! 1.26.0

    • IMPORTANT: Fixed Windows 10 32bit support
    • Added possibility to run Action! without administrative privileges on non-Administrator user accounts and guest account
    • Improved performance of desktop recording on Windows 7 with Aero disabled
    • Fixed mouse cursor recording for Active desktop region recording mode
    • Stability fixes

    2015/07/31 Action! 1.25.6

    • Important improvements for Windows 10
    • Fixed problems with video recording using Active screen recording mode on Windows 10 (problems with switching from fullscreen games to desktop)
    • Fixed problems with audio and video recording on some systems with Razer Kraken 7.1 headphones

    2015/06/03 Action! 1.25.3

    • Hardware accelerated 4k video recording and exporting added for Intel Broadwell CPUs
    • Fixed turning "Run Action! on Windows start" on/off
    • Remote Action!: Remote PC status display improvements
    • Remote Action!:Fixed maximum video resolution for mobile devices

    2015/05/30 Action! 1.25.2

    • Fixed Action! HUD rendering in some OpenGL games like Wolfenstein The New Order, Wolfenstein The Old Blood and Rage
    • Time-Shift recording improvements
    • Remote Action!: Support added for Windows 8/8.1/10 Multitouch (requires Remote Action! app ver. 1.3)
    • Remote Action!: Support added for virtual joystick (requires Remote Action! app ver. 1.3 and vJoy installed od PC)

    2015/05/20 Action! 1.25.0

    • NEW FEATURE: Time-Shift recording added for Games and applications recording mode
    • IMPORTANT LIVE Streaming connection process fixes
    • Fixed problem with error popup for recordings with NVENC after latest NVIDIA graphics drivers update
    • Remote Action!: fixed not working arrow keys in some games
    • Wolfenstein: The Old Blood recording fixed
    • Fixed Windows 10 build 10074 recording
    • Stability improvements
    • User interface improvements

    2015/04/01 Action! 1.24.3

    • Support for MCE remote controls added (supported options: start recording, pause/resume recording, stop recording)
    • Remote Action! connection process improvements
    • Fixed problem with hotkeys for single CTRL, ALT and SHIFT keys
    • Stability improvements
    • User interface improvements

    2015/03/23 Action! 1.24.2

    • Fixed BattlEye protected games recording like Arma, Dayz etc.
    • Improved connection with specific games and applications

    2015/03/12 Action! 1.24.1

    • NEW FEATURE: Free Action! RCU app for Android is now available. Monitor and control your recordings with your smartphone or tablet!
    • Reduced Action! memory usage
    • Maximum webcam recording size changed to 1280x720
    • Video recording performance improvements
    • Improved webcam recording
    • User interface improvements

    2015/02/25 Action! 1.23.0

    • IMPORTANT: Windows 10 Technical Preview (b. 9926) desktop recording support added
    • Improved web and media players video recording quality
    • Fixed video recording with "Record system sounds" option disabled
    • Improved webcam recording

    2015/02/07 Action! 1.22.0

    • IMPORTANT: LIVE Streaming service is now free for all users
    • NEW FEATURE: Adaptive/Variable framerate video recording
    • NEW FEATURE: Recorded webcams preview in Action! HUD added
    • Software MP4 video recording unlocked up to 4K resolution
    • Fixed audio/video synchronization for MP4 video recordings (fixed problems with speeding audio/video and other synchronization problems)
    • Fixed problem with too short video recordings in MP4 format
    • Fixed MP4 video recording stability
    • Fixed OpenGL games and applications recording stability
    • Improvements for webcam recording
    • User interface improvements (Remote Action! moved to a separate tab)
    • New webcam and microphone recording mode: On button down (ON/OFF)
    • Removed "Delete All Files" from recordings manager
    • Added keyboard shortcuts for recording manager (CTRL+A etc.)

    2015/01/22 Action! 1.21.0

    • NEW FEATURE: Support for 4K/3K/2K video recording in MP4 format with NVIDIA NVENC and Intel Quick Sync Video acceleration
    • NEW FEATURE: Support for 30bit Windows desktop recording (requires 30bit compatible graphics card and display)
    • Improved exporting to YouTube with channels selection support (YouTube API 3.0)
    • Added YouTube 4K exporting profile
    • Video recording performance improvements
    • Fixed LIVE Streaming audio-video synchronization
    • Improvements for Windows 8 desktop region recording
    • Improved Remote Action! connection process
    • Improvements for Remote Action! flash, Modern UI and window mode games control
    • Action! player fullscreen improvements for multi-display setups on Windows 8
    • MP4 video recording stability improvements

    2014/11/26 Action! 1.20.2

    • Windows logon screen recording improvements
    • Improvements for Remote Action! functionality
    • Stability improvements

    2014/11/18 Action! 1.20.1

    • Improved NVIDIA NVENC video encoding quality
    • Improved Remote Action! video quality on LTE/Wifi 2.4Ghz
    • Improved Remote Action! connection process

    2014/11/13 Action! 1.20.0

    • NEW FEATURE: Remote Action! function added for remote PC access and playing PC games with Android devices!
    • NEW FEATURE: Support for NVIDIA NVENC acceleration added. Available for real-time MP4 recordings, for exporting AVI to MP4, for LIVE Streaming and Remote Action!
    • Improvements and fixes for MP4 desktop and gameplay recording
    • Added pause option for MP4 desktop and gameplay recordings
    • YouTube 60fps export support added
    • Added Windows desktop recording with Aero disabled
    • Improvements for games recording in 50p or lower framerates
    • Improved connecting to games starting with launcher windows
    • Video scalling added for DirectX8 and OpenGL applications and games recording in MP4 format
    • Run Action! on Windows start option added
    • Twitch LIVE streaming service ingests updated
    • hitbox service added for LIVE Streaming
    • The Elder Scrolls Online game recording fixed
    • Updated Aliez server for LIVE Streaming
    • Windows logon screen recording improvements
    • UAC popups recording improvements
    • Capture screenshots improvements for Active Screen recording mode
    • Stability fixes
    • User interface fixes and improvements

    2014/04/17 Action! 1.19.2

    • Performance improvements
    • Stability fixes

    2014/03/25 Action! 1.19.1

    • Fixed Logitech G13/G15/G19 support
    • Important stability fixes

    2014/03/03 Action! 1.18.0

    • NEW FEATURE: MP4 video recordings uploading to YouTube and Facebook
    • NEW FEATURE: Option to control MP4 video recordings bitrate
    • Fixed "Upload failed!" message when uploading to Facebook
    • User interface improvements
    • Important stability fixes

    2014/02/04 Action! 1.17.4

    • Custom Action! open folder and open file dialog windows added
    • Stability fixes

    2014/02/04 Action! 1.17.3

    • Fixed support for systems with AMD GPUs and non-vendor certified drivers
    • Stability fixes

    2014/02/03 Action! 1.17.2

    • Fixed Windows 8.1 Modern UI apps recording
    • Fixed HUD recording timer
    • Improved DirectX 10/11 games detection
    • Stability fixes

    2014/01/23 Action! 1.17.1

    • NEW FEATURE: Replaced Active desktop recording mode with Active screen recording mode (continuous desktop/fullscreen applications recording)
    • NEW FEATURE: Support for AMD APP acceleration added. Available both for real-time MP4 recordings and for exporting AVI to MP4.
    • IMPORTANT: Improved recording performance (up to 20% less CPU/GPU usage)
    • Fixed Call of Duty Ghosts recording
    • Fixed regular video stutter (in 1 second intervals) in some situations
    • Removed microphone noise when using very sensitive microphones (low volume microphone setups)
    • Improved support for 3rd party video editing software
    • Stability improvements
    • GUI improvements

    2013/12/11 Action! 1.16.3

    • Fixed Windows 8.1 RTM desktop recording on PCs with NVIDIA/AMD PCI-E graphics card installed and Intel Quick Sync Video technology enabled.
    • Optimized Action! startup time
    • Improved D3D11 recording
    • Fixed streaming startup with empty stream key